Based in Newcastle, Hello Peta is me - Peta.


I could pretend that Hello Peta is a business with multiple designers, but in actual fact it is just me, a graphic designer with over 15 years experience. I love all types of design but my favourite is print and layout -
I am a sucker for business cards, brochures and books... just anything printed really! 


Graphic design doesn't have to be expensive or scary. It is my aim to help make your life easier by making your business look the best that it can in a cost effective way. Whether you are a new business after a logo or an existing business after a freshen up or rebrand, Hello Peta can get you started with all the design and print materials that you need -  business cards, brochures, signage and all your promotional material.​

Click here to see some projects that I just can't get enough of!

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